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Jai Yoga, a woman-owned and operated Maine business, was founded in June of 2003 and is an independently owned and operated Kripalu Affiliated Studio. We love yoga and love to share its teachings.

We believe a regular yoga practice leads to a thriving human life! We teach yoga with integrity and joy to people of all levels of ability and familiarity. Jai Yoga is good for all of us.

“Jai” is a sanskrit word meaning “wow,” “many glories” and “awesome.” Jai is the word you use to describe the indescribable magnificense! You might say “Jai” upon reaching the summit of Mount Katahdin; upon witnessing the birth of a child; upon realizing that you are in love; upon seeing your true nature; upon making a decision that felt so risky, and yet has now gratefully lead you to more joy and peace than you ever imagined possible.

This is how we feel about the practice of yoga. From this feeling Jai Yoga was born; from this feeling we teach and grow and share the practice of yoga. Jai! Jai! Jai Yoga.

Jai Yoga Teachers and Staff

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