~ Kids’ Yoga Camp 2019 & Family Yoga

Family Yoga

“Family yoga is a beautiful zoo – Truman really loved it.” ~ Sarah S.

Family yoga is yoga for the whole family! This is a fun lighthearted experience of moving together with joy and delight. We cultivate compassion and connection in the family through yoga practice. We play yoga games, act out poses, learn sequences, and we practice relaxation and meditation. ALL ages are very welcome, infants, teens, college kids, aunts, uncles thru grandparents, we tailor the class to the abilities and developmental stages of those attending. We celebrate everybody and the family as a whole. Only 1 person in the family needs to “sign up” and pay, everyone else is included. You may purchase a single class for $16, or use a class on your 4 or 8 class pass, or your monthly membership. Bring the family for some wholehearted yoga fun. 

2019 Schedule

3rd Fridays January- May 4-5pm

More Family Yoga coming this Fall, check back with us in August for schedule updates!



Kids’ Yoga Camp! 

A Summer Day Camp in Harpswell, Maine.

Fun, fitness, and relaxation abound at yoga camp. Seeing the whole of ourselves while we interact with our community and our natural world is the high aim. Each day, we joyfully learn about ourselves through a complete yoga class. We also learn about each other and the natural world through yoga-inspired art, crafts, games, and activities.  Using various yoga tools throughout the day, we cultivate peace and we build flexibility and strength.

With the 8 limbs of classical yoga serving as a guide, we explore daily themes such as non-violence, truthfulness, kindness, self-study, moderation, self-care, contentment, concentration, awareness, and skillfulness in energy management. We learn yoga postures and how to work well with our own body’s strengths and limitations. We practice relaxing and learn varied ways to meditate. We play games of cooperation and enjoy crafts that reveal our inner world. We celebrate our uniqueness and share the joy of our connection. We take as much of this practice outside as possible and enjoy the fresh air of summer in Maine. Your kids will feel strong, relaxed, and grounded, and best of all they will leave with yoga tools they can use to know themselves and to build their own sense of wellbeing.

Kids, celebrate yourself with the fun, fitness, and relaxation of Yoga Camp!

Yoga Camp is for children ages 6-12.

Camp runs from 8:30am-4pm M-F.

Cost is $225 per week and includes all supplies. Please don’t let cost deter you. We have full and partial scholarships available. We recommend that campers have their own yoga mat. If you need a mat, we have mats to borrow for free or to purchase, for $10.

Jai Yoga’s Kids’ Yoga Camp is offered in the nearby town of Harpswell Maine. See below for the exact location each week.

There are 3 weeks of camp available for 2019. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

June 24-28 @ TBA (likely Centennial Hall, Route 123)

July: 29-Aug 2 @ Elijah Kellogg Church, 917 Harpswell Neck Rd, Harpswell *Free lunch for all campers is available through MCHPP program on site.

August 12-16 @ Elijah Kellogg Church, 917 Harpswell Neck Rd, Harpswell * Free lunch for all campers is available through MCHPP program on site.

A Sample Day of Yoga Camp 

8:30–9:00 Morning drop-off, optional games & activities, socialize with friends.

9:00–9:15 Circle  (check-ins, curiosities, daily plan) 

9:15–10:15 Yoga Class

10:15-10:30 Snack  

10:30-12 Nature Explore, hike, journal, draw, be, meditate, stretch, breathe deeply.  

12:00–12:30 Lunch 

12:30–1:00 Quiet time, rest, reading, or individual activity 

1:00–2:15 Projects & Crafts 

2:15–2:30 Afternoon meditation & snack 

2:30–3:45 Yoga & Cooperative Games

3:45-4 Closing circle, reflections 

4:00 Pick up

Questions? Email us! Info at JaiYogaHome.com.