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Family Yoga

“Family yoga is a beautiful zoo – Truman really loved it.” ~ Sarah S.

Family yoga is yoga for the whole family! This is a fun lighthearted experience of moving together with joy and delight. We cultivate compassion and connection in the family through yoga practice. We play yoga games, act out poses, learn sequences, and we practice relaxation and meditation. ALL ages are very welcome, infants, teens, college kids, aunts, uncles thru grandparents, we tailor the class to the abilities and developmental stages of those attending. We celebrate everyBody and the family as a whole. Only 1 person in the family need “sign up” and pay, everyone else is included. You may purchase a single class for $16, or use a class on your 4 or 8 class pass, or your monthly membership. Bring the family for some wholehearted yoga fun. 

2019 Schedule

3rd Fridays 4-5pm



Kids’ Yoga For Children 5-12 Years

Children LOVE YOGA!

AND they want their OWN yoga class free of the silly rules (sitting still, being quiet, doing every pose) in Mom or Dad’s class. Kids need to spend their abundant energy and they crave creative expression.

These adventurous classes are a mix of yoga postures, dance, meditation, mindful movement, and activities designed to grow kids’ brains and bodies while using Yoga Dots (small round yoga mats), and a variety of interesting props.

A fun, creative class that will stretch and strengthen their bodies and their brains! Don’t be surprised when they come home and teach YOU a pose or two.

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