7 Days for $7 in 2017

Welcome to 7 Days at Jai Yoga!

This is our annual Hello to new clients and Thank You to current clients. In the first full week of January….We set our an irresistible deal, where for only $7 you may attend as many classes as you like from January 3rd through January 9th.

To BUY your pass which is valid for attendance at any of our 24 weekly classes at Jai Yoga from January 1, 2016 thru January 7th, 2017, CLICK HERE

Helpful Hints:
1.To Sign up online in advance for the classes you wish to attend, CLICK HERE
2. Please be sure to cancel any classes you reserved but can’t make, open it up for someone else.
3. We advise you to just come early to a class you want to take but couldn’t reserve becauuse it was full. We save 10 spots just for those who come to the door.
4. Always arrive a little early.
5. Bring a water bottle.
6. Enjoy your yoga glow!
7. Tell your friends! Thanks!