January Yoga & Wellness Challenge

January Yoga & Wellness Challenge. 

Our goal is to support you in REGULAR yoga practice.
One yoga class leaves you feeling wonderful.
With regular yoga practice, wonderful is your new normal.
Vitality. Joy. Peace. Resilience. Perspective. Strength. Flexibility. Calm.
This is our new year wish for you.
This January the Jai community will come together as never before to support each other in regular yoga practice and other simple wellness practices. Each week, you’ll get inspiration and support to gradually make yoga a regular part of your life, both in the studio and at home. You’ll get prompts for simple steps to take to move toward greater wellness and vitality, through yoga and other actions. In the studio, our instructors will be watching out for your alignment, observing your strengths and nudging you where you can be challenged. Awaken your body and rest your soul.  Tap into your own resilience and connect to your inner truth.
Make a commitment to your wellbeing with the Jai January Yoga & Wellness Challenge.

How does it work? 

The Yoga & Wellness Challenge runs from Jan 1-31


  1. SIGN UP! The challenge costs just $65 for the whole month, and includes an unlimited pass to our drop in classes for the whole month!
  2.  Attend: Opening Goals & Intention Setting Session on Jan 1 at 7pm (there is an alternative guide for the goals & intention setting if you can’t make it)
  3.  Use: personal at-home tracker/calendar to guide and track your daily goals and intentions. Yes, we provide this for you!
  4. Join our private FB group for questions, coaching, support and laughs
  5.  In studio support: *unlimited pass to all our drop-in classes. *in- studio tracker to inspire your attendance and progress & to help you cheer each other on!*support from teachers and fellow students *weekly inspiration, gifts and surprises waiting for you in the studio
  6. Celebration potluck with prizes, reflection, refreshments: Jan 28 2-4pm
We can’t wait to engage  our community and your yoga practice in this challenge!
Please join us!