~ Basics for Beginners

Our Yoga Basics for Beginners Series provides the foundation you need to build a home practice and to fully participate in our other classes. These classes teach the fundamentals of a safe yoga practice.

Basics for Beginners: A 10 Week Course

New to Yoga? This is the class for you! Experienced in yoga and want a refresher? You always learn something new in our Basics course. In our 10-week Yoga Basics course, you will learn the FUNdamentals of safe yoga practice. These “training” classes cover the correct alignment and modifications for 24 classic yoga postures, 4 breathing techniques and yogic relaxation. You’ll also learn some yoga philosophy and mindfulness practice. Experience different levels of practice (gentle, moderate, vigorous) and sample different styles of yoga. Find the fit that is best for you. We specialize in adapting the practice to meet you where you are. We can help you work with your injury and limitations. Yoga is good for all bodies. 10 consecutive classes will give you all you need to fully participate in our other “practice” classes and to begin a practice at home.

 If you are new to yoga it is best to begin with the first class and take the 10 consecutive classes in a row.

Drop-ins are $16 per class and permitted only if the course does not fill.

Kids are welcome to attend with an adult. Kids 15 and older are welcome to attend on their own.

We provide:

Handouts illustrating 24 basic postures

Instruction for alignment and modifications to suit individual needs for each of the 24 postures

Instruction in 4 essential breathing techniques to relax and/or energize

Simple, fun homework assignments to help you integrate yoga into your daily life

Answers to all your questions

Fun learning, compassion, enthusiasm, and help to make the yoga work for YOU.

Cost is $145 for 10 weeks.

Tuesday evenings 7pm

January 7- March 10 (March 17 snow makeup) 2020

April 7-June 9 2020

June 16-August 18 2020

September 15-November 17 2020

Friday Afternoons 2pm

January 17-March 20 2020

More 2020 Dates coming soon…….

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