~ Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Baby&Me Yoga ClassCongratulations! Welcome to Mid-Coast Maine’s premier Prenatal Yoga and Postnatal Yoga Offerings!

We are honored to work with Women & Families during this amazing time of planning, preparing, change and growth!


Prenatal Yoga Course

This course is for women at any stage of pregnancy. We practice gentle and moderate postures, breath work, vocal toning and meditation/visualization. This class cultivates strength, flexibility and tone in your body that is now home for two. Meditation and breath create calm and confidence in preparation for an active and aware labor, childbirth and parenting. Meet and share with other expectant moms in this fun and relaxing class. No prior yoga experience is necessary. We do recommend that you check with your care provider before attending a yoga class. We are happy to consult with your care provider if they need more information about yoga.
 These courses often sell out weeks in advance. The best way to ensure your spot in the course is to sign up NOW.  For those who cannot commit to a full course, we will offer drop-ins provided the course is not full. Registration for drop ins begins about 1 week before the course begins, if space is available.  We run our prenatal courses in 8 week sessions. The cost is $96 We have scholarships available, made possible thru studio contributions and contributions from women who have found so much value they wish to support other women who may not otherwise have access to the course.


Couple’s Workshop for Pregnancy & Labor

Learn how to support mom with yoga, massage and steady, loving presence

The steady, supportive presence of a birth partner has been found to improve labor outcomes significantly. Often birth partners wish to do this, but they aren’t sure how. In this workshop you will learn yoga postures, breathwork, massage, and present moment skills to calm nerves, invigorate a stalled labor, renew energy and stay focused. We will explore the power of touch and sound as a powerful form of non-verbal communication and deep connection. You will gain inspiration and simple but effective birthing skills to be the steady support and coach that the birthing mother needs. The bonds you create in this class prepare you to welcome your new baby.

2020 Dates & Schedule TBA


Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal yoga is a special class devoted to supporting women through the various changes and challenges postpartum.  Yoga is considered an ideal exercise for postpartum moms as it supports you physically, mentally and emotionally as well.  This class incorporates meditation, breath work, relaxation and a moderate-level physical practice.  Topics of focus include pelvic floor rehab, gentle core strength, chest and shoulder opening as well as restorative yoga so you can re-center and fill your tank back up!  Come connect with other moms while taking essential time and space just for YOU.   It is advised to wait 6-8 weeks postpartum before attending your first class. All moms welcome, several weeks thru several years postpartum, this yoga is soo good for all Mothers.

2020 Date and Schedule: TBA


Baby & Me Yoga

Baby&Me Yoga Class

Yoga practice with baby! This class is for a parent/caregiver and baby 4 weeks until they are active crawlers. Learn postures and breath that you can practice with your baby. Poses focus on creating and restoring strength and flexibility for mom/dad, parent-child bonds, baby massage and baby yoga postures to aid digestion and development. Time to connect with other parents in our community. This series tends to fill quickly, reservations are recommended, but drop ins are welcome provided space is available.

2020 Date and Schedule TBA

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Mindful Mothering

Motherhood is a journey like no other. In this role many women awaken to a love more profound than they have experienced in their lives before children and thus, are made ripe for spiritual and personal transformation. It is also very challenging; sometimes eliciting feelings of self-doubt, worry and frustration. Join our community of mothers to share your journey and learn ways in which mindfulness practice can provide you with a sense of peace and joy in mothering. Through readings, conversation and guided meditation, this workshop is equal parts nurturing rest, mindful reflection, practical inspiration and supportive community. Learn more about mindfulness and how it will transform your relationship with your children and allow more love into your life. Whether you are already practicing mindfulness in parenting or not, if you are a Mother this is an inspiration, a practice and conversation that you will want to be a part of.

2020 Dates and Schedule TBA 

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