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Spring 2006 Jai Yoga

Hello Dear Yoga Community!

Happy Spring!

The arrival of the spring equinox inspires doesn’t it?

As a focus in your yoga practice this week, consider BALANCE. The equinox means that we have equal time in daylight and darkness. Indeed we need both.
We need the rest and renewal inherent in nighttime, and we need the brilliance and warmth of daytime sun. How can you work with elements of light and dark, growth and rest, warmth and cold, in your own yoga practice?
In your life? Honor these rhythms, celebrate them. It is comforting to realize that we don’t always need to be hot,sun, light. It is stress reducing to honor the times that we need rest and introspection, especially
in the midst of a very busy day. Balance is a gift.


We will be donating unclaimed items to Goodwill on March 28. If you have lost a scarf, a waterbottle, a sweater, a watch, or other items, we may have it! Please call and describe the item you’ve lost and if we have it it will be happily returned to you!

We are looking for a special someone to clean our lovely studio. It needs to be cleaned weekly at the same time/day each week. The process takes between 2-3 hours and we offer 2 classes in exchange for each cleaning. If you or someone you know is interested please call Jen at 725-7874.