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Summer 2006

Dear Yoga Lovers,

We welcome our 3rd year of yoga and community here in Brunswick, Maine.

I feel so grateful for the opportunity to do work that I love and to live within such a beautiful community. We learn from each other and grow together.  Thank you for your enthusiasm and support of our yoga offerings.

Spring has been a delight.  Nora,  Leo, Casey, Lily, Sage, Jacob and Evelyn are our newest regulars. They grace our studio Tuesday mornings with their easy, be here now, infantile flexibility during the Baby & Mom yoga class.  These yogis range in age from 4 to 24 weeks old.  We also welcomed a new student, Bob, who now proudly holds the title of our eldest yogi at 91 years.  These folks remind us that Yoga really is a lifelong practice. And to that I offer the following inspiration for your practice at this moment in your life, whatever end of the spectrum you  currently inhabit.

Remember that yoga is not a competition. None of us are as flexible as Nora, Kara’s 3 month old baby girl who helps her Mom lead the Mommy & Baby class. Nor should we wish to be, for I don’t know that we’d be able to walk, given her flexibility!  By the same token, Nora is not concerned that she can’t walk, she’s delighted to explore her feet above her head.  This yoga is a lifetime practice, and how wonderful to enjoy where we are, right now, along that path. We might grow bored of our toes if we didn’t eventually experience enough tension to be able to walk.  Living in an older body that experiences new challenges in a balancing tree pose is as delightful as living in a 3 month old body that finds relief from gas bubbles in baby pavana muktasana. Wherever you are, enjoy your yoga, enjoy your body, just as it is, right now.  This time is unique. This downward facing dog is different from one practiced 3 months ago, 3 years ago, 30 years from now.   Our bodies have been given to us as a gift of love in which to explore what it means to be alive.


    The miracle is not to walk on water.  
    The miracle is to walk on the green Earth in the present moment, to appreciate the peace and beauty that are available now.

        -Thick Nhat Hanh


Light and Love,    

Jen Nadeau, owner/director