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February 2012: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! We love you and are so glad you’re a part of our community. Below, our teachers share their love of yoga, teaching and the Jai Yoga community with you.


I love how [teaching] makes me a better teacher, a better person, to keep growing in love and gratitude. I am so grateful for my students and for the space at Jai. I love the warmth of the yoga room, the sunlight, the views over Maine Street, especially at night. I love the positive energy of my students and seeing their dreamy faces at the end of class. It’s a very nice feeling to be able to help people feel better; it helps me connect to the highest part of myself and to the greater good. Yoga is a lifestyle for me and I love all of it!  Thanks be to Jai, to Jen for holding space for all of us and for the students who continue to show up. So great…

With much love,

Sue Kelly


Dear Jai Yoga yogis,

I love you. Please be my Valentine.



What I love most about teaching is 2 things:  I feel that I am making a positive impact on the world around me and I love being able to help people get into their bodies in a loving and compassionate way. The Jai community is so special and diverse. I appreciate all of our students and what they bring to me and to their fellow students.




What I love about the Jai community are the students who are so open to all the teachers, never complaining at the subbing teachers and appreciating what different teachers bring to their classes.

Also, I love and rely on the Jai teachers — gentle, open, and always listening to each other, and the students.



I love the willingness of our community to apply what they learn in the studio to their lives “off the mat.”

Teaching Yoga gives me the best excuse and motivation to carry my practice deeper into my life, to examine and to show up with compassionate awareness over and over again. I wouldn’t have this same degree of commitment if I weren’t a teacher of yoga. Thank you all for supporting MY practice, by supporting my teaching.

Big Love,



What I love about the Jai community is the feeling of warmth and connectivity to the people that practice there.  It draws such a wonderfully, authentic group of people that I love being around!



I love the laughs I have with the sweet people in my classes. I love that we all don’t take ourselves too serious. Everyone at Jai makes me smile.



What I appreciate most about the Jai Yoga community is their ability to laugh, try again and to keep coming back. About teaching, I love the opportunity to be human, to weave the spirit of yoga into the everyday episodes of our lives.



I have taught yoga in many different spaces and places and I especially love to teach at Jai.  Each teacher here has their own unique gift and style to share which creates a space where I feel at ease and supported as a teacher and the trust and willingness of students to explore is an inspiration to me every time I teach!




I love being a part of the Jai community as both a student and a teacher as you can feel the warmth, heart and dedication in each class. There is a palpable peacefulness within the studio that at once empties and enriches me and the daily experience. I LOVE getting to teach laughter yoga with the fabulous Jai community because it provides yet another place for that heart energy that is so strong at Jai to emerge and be shared freely and openly.



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