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November 2011

The Holiday season is upon us! And life is about to get even busier. As always, we’re here to support you…on and off the mat! We want to remind you to give to yourself as well as to others this season. We have a couple ideas below!

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Be well and Happy Holidays!

Yoga Nidra is a powerful yet simple technique of guided relaxation; the perfect antidote for a busy and fragmented life. As you are guided to move your awareness throughout your body, you will experience deeper and deeper states of relaxation, resulting in a sense of peace, harmony and balance. Deep healing is possible with the practice of “yogic sleep,” a true gift to the body, mind and spirit.

Learn to care for yourself as well as you care for others. You will also discuss how to make Yoga Nidra a regular part of your routine and learn other self-care techniques, such as self-massage.

Next workshop is December 10th!
WORKSHOP EVERY 3rd SATURDAY 2-4 PM with Jessie Chalmers
CLASS EVERY FRIDAY 4-5:15 PM with Hoa Tran

Restore inner balance and a sense of the sacred in your life through this nurturing and replenishing practice. Postures are fully supported using straps, blankets, blocks and cushions and then held for several minutes to offer an opportunity for deep renewal and a complete letting go.

Practiced regularly, Restorative Yoga can increase flexibility and ease your mind while actively countering the effects of stress and calming the nervous system, thereby avoiding chronic imbalances, burnout and illness.

Next workshop is December 17th! Drop-in every Friday at 4 PM!
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